[Bug 82277] Re: [Feisty] guidance-power-manager doesn't work for UPS on a desktop system

brunes jason at keirstead.org
Fri Mar 23 10:50:46 UTC 2007

I think there is a further extension to this problem. kde-guidance
should work anyways, regardless of if you have a UPS or not.

I am a pretty environmentally concious guy, and I like ot have my PC
hibernate or suspend when it goes unused for more than an hour.
Previously, the only place I had installed kubuntu was on my work
laptop, and was happy with how this functionality worked via the guidenc
eapplet's idle settings.

Now I install it on my desktop, and come to find that short of writing
your own script and adding it to the crontab yourself, there is no way
to have a desktop PC automatically hibernate with the default install
There's no applet, nothing under screensaver management nothing. I ended
up apt-get'ing kpowersave (that doesn't ship by default), which seems
like a great app.

But anyway  this seems really hokey to me. I don't know why this app
should be keyed at all on the fact that you have a battery - laptop,
UPS, or otherwise. If you're PC doesn't have a battery then disable
those portions of the app. HAL works to suspend and hibernate ACPI
capable PC's without batteries just fine.

[Feisty] guidance-power-manager doesn't work for UPS on a desktop system

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