[Bug 69754] Re: Edgy: kopete sending   instead of space

Susan Rosenberger susan.rosenberger at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 15:48:47 UTC 2007

This happens with me as well, using AIM, with me using Kopete and the
recipient using Trillian 3.1 build 121. I'm using Kubuntu Edgy - KDE
3.5.5 and Kopete 0.12.3.

I tried using the Auto Replace plugin to fix it. I tried replacing
  with one space, two spaces, and replacing two spaces with one
space, and none of them worked.

One space is normal, two spaces gets  , three spaces gets a space
and a  , and four spaces gets two   - example (three spaces
between when and i in the first sentence, 4 spaces between about and
four in the second sentence):

Susan: and what do you get when   i send 3 spaces in a row like
that? how about    four like there?

Is there anything else I should do? I'm totally new at using Launchpad.
Do I click the Also Needs Fixing Here button?

Edgy:  kopete sending   instead of space

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