[Bug 89039] Re: kmail crashes on disk full

rhielon nan_rhielon at yahoo.fr
Sun Mar 11 21:30:56 UTC 2007

I was able to reproduce the crash quite easily, by making my disk
completely full and sending me an email.

Knotify gave me the following message  in french:
"KMail a eu un problème critique et va se terminer.
Le problème est :
Impossible d'ajouter le message au dossier, l'espace disque est probablement faible."

It happens when I receive a new mail while my disk is full.

I am not sure that the gdb trace will be helpfull as I have no debugging
symbol but i have attached it to this comment

** Attachment added: "gdb trace of kontact crashes when disk full"

kmail crashes on disk full

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