[Bug 53879] Re: kppp menu entry should launch as root by default

mlaverdiere marco.laverdiere at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 17 12:55:07 UTC 2007

Well, in my case, on Kubuntu Feisty with KDE 3.5.7, I found that I can't
start Kppp just by clicking on it in the menu. It will refuse to start
ant won't give any explanation or error message.  This is clearly not a
user friendly behavior for such a basic function...

I guess that following this bug report, the Kppp binary has been set to
start as root only, but the entry menu has not been modified
accordingly.  To start Kppp, i have to issue the command "sudo kppp" in
a terminal...

I think the Kppp entry meny should be set up like the Wireless assistant
app. entry, i.e. to launch directly from the menu, as root, provinding
that the user password is entered.  To do this, you just have to modify
the Kppp entry menu by selecting "executable as another user".  Then,
the user will be able to launch Kppp as root, by entering his password.

kppp menu entry should launch as root by default
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