[Bug 81257] Re: feisty as nis client wants to write to /home/.directory

Tim Wieneke tim at spen.de
Wed Jan 24 12:50:15 UTC 2007

** Description changed:

  Binary package hint: kubuntu-default-settings
  I was installing the feisty in our network and a problem popped up, which is a
  design issue of (minimum) one package:
+ Problem: the  kubuntu-default-settings wants to create a symlink to
+ /home/.directory which is forbidden in normal NIS client/master networks
+ with autofs share home directories. W/o the symlink the system generates
+ a lot of errors.
  the package: kubuntu-default-settings_1%3a7.04-11_all.deb
  contains a file: install/doinst.sh
  part of the contents:
  if [ -d /home ]; then
        if [ ! -e /home/.directory ]; then
        ln -s /etc/kubuntu-default-settings/directory-home /home/.directory || \
        echo "Could not create symlink /home/.directory, skipping."
  This maybe nice on "normal" Ubuntu clients, but bad, if the root of the local
  machine is a not allowed (for security issues) to be root on the NIS master who
  shares the /home via autofs.
  Therefor I got stucked in this point and my machineis now poping up a lot of errors
  about the /home/.directory not found issue. The login via kdm/kde is not working correctly, the machine is very slow on executing commands (i.e. open a browser).
  Maybe someone can explain, why the /home.directory is needed and think about a
  different solution (maybe move the .directory to the home users directory

feisty as nis client wants to write to /home/.directory

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