[Bug 77557] Re: knetworkmanager fails to find network devices

sk0rp10 matteo.andreozzi at mensa.it
Sat Jan 20 11:36:54 UTC 2007

I am running Feisty development branch, updated with latest packages. I
just changed the wireless interface configuration from knetworkconf and
found that the line "auto wifi0" was missing.

Morever I found that on Feisty knetworkconf autodetects the system as "
Slackware 9.1" , and if I force version popup by altering knetworkconfrc
as this:


I can then select Feisty as platform, but then no network interfaces are
found, so I think there should be some mess in knetworkconf which thinks
that feisty is slackware 9.1 and does wrong configurations

knetworkmanager fails to find network devices

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