[Bug 61946] Re: [Edgy Data Loss] umount progress dialog missing

John Dong john.dong at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 00:05:32 UTC 2007

I highly disagree with the original claims in that article. As someone
who does a lot of work with embedded devices and CompactFlash, as well
as an avid user of flash media, even the cheapest devices I can locally
purchase can put up with an astounding number of read-write cycles, much
more than the typical use-span of a thumbdrive can put on them.

Comparing a slightly premature failure in 15 years rather than 20 versus
users ripping out the thumbdrive when KDE <b>assured</b> the user that
his data was written, which sounds worse?

Perhaps remounting read-only, then unmounting is a better solution
though I have no idea if dbus/hal has a backend for doing that.

In reality Linux needs behavior similar to Windows XP's handling of
removable media, that is, turning off writeback caching. Right now
"sync" is as close as we can get to that, but obviously it has some not-
so-intuitive side effects.

[Edgy Data Loss] umount progress dialog missing

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