[Bug 28207] Re: k3b fails to burn cd with firewire device

Kevin Knerr ld_barthel at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 5 05:25:33 UTC 2007

I have similar issues with my HP dvd740 external USB burner: I can burn
DVDs without any problem, but burning CDs fails catastrophically,
usually during the fixating phase. Since I'm using a USB hub, I can see
that the node is being turned off by the kernel and I have to power
cycle the burner before it's recognized as a device again.

I suspect that this may not be a firewire issue, but a cdrecord / kernel
2.6.8 issue. Running as suid root is no longer sufficient--you have to
be logged in as root (not su'd root) to send any SCSI commands that
aren't whitelisted in the kernel. (I apologize for any inaccuracies here
--but the Schilling-Linux feud is long standing and I don't have time to
google through all the garbage posted on this subject to ensure I'm
making a more accurate statement.)

k3b fails to burn cd with firewire device

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