[Bug 45837] Re: "Focus Follows Mouse" doesn't set focus to Desktop

flaccid chris at xhost.com.au
Wed Jan 3 02:53:06 UTC 2007

I am not sure if this is related, but most likely.

When I open a file externally to open in an existing session for eg. txt file into open kate instance, it doesn't set focus and bring the window up.
Using "Focus Follows Mouse" doesn't change to the desired behaviour and when selecting "Focus under mouse", the focus works, however the  window list when doing alt+tab switching goes away despite being checked (note selecting focus under mouse greys out this option).

So basically playing around with the Window Behaviour to get the window list and set focus is not achievable due to the bug.
This is on dapper.

"Focus Follows Mouse" doesn't set focus to Desktop

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