[Bug 23926] Re: kicker crashes sometimes

mickeym mmikrut at cyberone.com.au
Fri Feb 23 08:17:43 UTC 2007

I started having the same problem a couple of months ago.
Last week upgraded to feisty, still having the same problem.
Kicker dies randomly (usually a couple times per day), it is very annoying.

I have a couple of suggestions:
1.  There is no desktop menu on KDE to restart kicker, it would be very usufull if I could click right mouse button on the desktop and bring up the kicker/panel menu (or maybe it could be included i "Configure - KDesktop" dialog ?
At the moment I have to launch xterm from "Run Command" dialog and restart kicker from there - it is not a very "user friendly" way !

2. Is there any debugging output you need in order to resolve this problem? I am happy to help as this bug really annoys me a lot :)

kicker crashes sometimes

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