[Bug 149507] Re: Amarok's "global hotkeys" become stuck often

Bogdan Butnaru bogdanb+launchpad at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 16:53:58 UTC 2007

I've just linked Xorg to this bug, at least to get some developers to
take a look at the problem. This just happened to me again and I got
annoyed enough to find a different computer and take a look through SSH.

Precise description of the situation: I use Super+[1-5] to assign
ratings to songs in Amarok, and I pressed Super+4 twice (this toggles
between 4 and 3.5 stars). So Amarok got stuck in a loop between the two
ratings. I suppose the second event happened before the first was fully
treated, or something similar, and there's a command stack somewhere
that missed a pop due to an unsynchronized operation. Or something like
that. (I notice that the lock happens much more often for slower
operations, like switching to the next track, than quick ones, like
changing ratings. It also happens regularly when I hold the key a bit.
So it's very likely time-based.)

During such a loop, weird things happen: I can maximize/unmaximize
windows using the title-bar button. I can also press the full-screen
button in Evince and it works. However, menus and other buttons don't
seem to do anything. This includes the "force application to quit"
button on the panel. No key-presses seem to work, ever. I can't switch
to a text console.

I have my music on a sshfs-mounted remote directory. If Amarok is stuck
in a 'next-track' loop and I shut down the WiFi through the hardware
switch, it stops playing, but remains in the loop (ie, I can't do
anything); if I re-set the switch it resumes looping.

However, today I had another laptop nearby and I SSH-ed to the locked
machine. It worked OK, so it's only the X session that's locked up. I
killed Amarok, and I was surprised to see that the machine was still
locked up. So I took another look, and the Xorg process was at 100%
processor usage. That's why I thought this might be something related to
an X flaw. I killed both X and GDM, but I still couldn't do anything on
the machine, so I rebooted.

This is very easily reproducible (though annoying because of the
reboots), so if someone has any ideas for tracking the issue, let me

Amarok's "global hotkeys" become stuck often
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