[Bug 133554] Re: Rebuilding collection eats up too much memory

Fernán González fernan at fernan.eu
Tue Aug 21 23:06:07 UTC 2007

Thanks for your assistance Jeff. Further down the post you can find
results from tailing during the scan, I hope they're helpful.

The problem about the newer versions of ntfs-3g is that I can't get them
through Synaptic or Ubuntu updates. I am not a very experienced user in
installing these things on my own, so I'll have to wait.

I think Amarok kept scanning the collection despite
amarokcollectionscanner's crash, since the progress bar kept going on,
advancing and the computer became ununsable again at some point. Maybe
it relaunched the process?

About my TagLib, I have 1.4-4build1, but I can't find the date when it
was built.

The files I found in the amarok folder you mentioned regarding
collections are these:


-First try: I tried using "tail -f collection_scan.log", but only a line
showed during the scan, which was already in the file there before
beginning the scan, it was an m4a file.

-Second try: I moved that m4a file to another folder not being part of
the collection, but I would still have the same problem. This time, a
.torrent file appeared in that log file.

-Third try: I didn't move this .torrent file, and tailed
collection_scan.files (I emptied it first), and it got stuck at 52%,
when it found this .torrent file according to tail.

Does it give any hint? Tell me if you would like to have these two files
so you can test it yourself and how I can get them to you.

Rebuilding collection eats up too much memory
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