[Bug 119331] Re: printing from kmail is broken

Pawel Kraszewski root at kraszewscy.net
Tue Aug 21 21:04:32 UTC 2007

Dnia wtorek, 21 sierpnia 2007, zyzstar napisał:
> You might be right about fixed fonts. In the example above I used a
> fixed font "Console".

To be precise, not "fixed" but "bitmap".

"Courier new" is "fixed" but not "bitmap" - all letters have the same width, 
but each letter itself is a set of lines and polygons (like SVG image)

"Terminus" is "fixed" AND "bitmap" - each letter is a small bitmap - looks 
jaggy when sized up.

Windows' "sans" is "proportional" AND "bitmap" - letter "W" takes more space 
than "i". 

Nimbus is "proportional" but not "bitmap".

It is "bitmapness" that's causing trouble, not "fixedness".

 Pawel Kraszewski

printing from kmail is broken
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