[Bug 109184] Re: KTorrent crashed without warning (fixed upstream)

Flink Del Dinky flinkdeldinky at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 12:25:13 UTC 2007

Just want to say that I can confirm this bug on Feisty with ktorrent 2.1
However, Azuerus, kopete, etc. all seem to work fine unlike the reports
of others.  But I don't like to run Azuerus because java seem to steal a
lot  of cpu for a few seconds every few minutes.  This causes programs
like Kaffeine to stutter when playing a divx.

I leave this box on 24/7 so this bad ktorrent build is a real downer.
If the kubuntu team can't offer a patch then maybe they should downgrade
the version in the Feisty repositories.  Regardless the current ktorrent
shouldn't be in there (assuming this bug is across the board, which it
may not be).

By the way I'm runnning the 64 bit version of kubuntu on an AMD64.

KTorrent crashed without warning (fixed upstream)
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