[Bug 109483] Re: Fiesty Fawn screen resolution bug at install

Chris ubuntulinuxit at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 08:01:34 UTC 2007

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 3731 ***

Running the live 7.04 CD with the same hardware but 3 different monitor.

These are the maximum resoulutions and refresh rates.

Viewsonic G90f+ 19" CRT
800x600 60Hz

Viewsonic E70f 17" CRT
1280x1024 60Hz

HP D8901 17" CRT
1024x768 85Hz

It is obvious that Ubuntu is totally unable to correctly identify screen
resolutions and refresh rates.

I tried to edit the xorg.conf and that eventually managed to work after
being forbidden permission to use my own computer.

The changes to the xorg.conf file worked and then they didn't work. I
got the resolutions but not the refresh rates working. I reinstalled
7.04 and made changes to xorg.conf and it screwed up again.

I am going to have to edit xorg.conf in a command line.

After 3 years, how can Ubuntu release such crap?

Fiesty Fawn screen resolution bug at install
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