[Bug 79075] Re: Quanta documentation symlinks pointig to none existing place

Andrew Lowe bugzrevenge at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 21:37:30 UTC 2007

This documentation is available from KDEs Hot New Stuff.  Right-clicking
in the documentation side-bar, and selecting "Download Documentation"
will open the Hot New Stuff window to get documentation.

This does cause a problem, because it does not override the broken
indexes, and you now have two indexes for some documentation libraries.
To fix this you need to remove the broken indexes from
/usr/share/apps/quanta/docs as 'root' (using sudo)

We have been discussing this bug on the Quanta Users mailing list, and Andras suggested the following:
1) fix the dependencies and install the missing documentations. 
2) remove the documentations completely and allow the users to download
via hot new stuff. This way at least there won't be duplicate items.

Of course, 1) is the preferred.

Quanta documentation symlinks pointig to none existing place
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