[Bug 102068] Re: Upgrade to feisty broke Kaffeine DVD playback

Ares aresito at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 20:58:20 UTC 2007


I solved the problem. It seems that xine when is called as root via
sudo, looks for the plugins to display the avi in /usr/lib/xine/plugins,
but when is executed as normal user tries to find it in
/home/xxxxx/.xine/plugins. In my PC that directory does not exist, so
xine is unable to reproduce the avi.

I managed the problem making a soft link ( ln -s /usr/lib/xine/plugins
/home/xxxxx/.xine/plugins ) and it worked perfectly at now i can play
any video file without any problem logged as normal user :)

Upgrade to feisty broke Kaffeine DVD playback
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