[Bug 27840] Re: Win key both a modifier and a regular key

Arnaldo Janz Júnior (JJ) email.ajj at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 22:46:55 UTC 2007


(First, just for correction, it's Arnaldo, but it's ok ...)
I would need to install'em again and I couldn't find those CDs. So I downloaded Mandriva One KDE 2007 Live CD and tested it through Live CD.
So, supposing that those versions I mentioned work the same way or that today they use an evolution of those, I should answer that they don't. This Mandriva do open the menu on Win Key and I saw on its keyboard shortcuts settings that it was mapped to open K Menu but, when I tried to assign it as a modifier of an arbitrary action, right when I held the Win Key, it just prompted me that the key was assigned to open the applications menu, asking if I wanted to change.
Then I took a look around the other keyboard shortcuts, as Amarok ones, and all of those that use Win Key as modifier in Kubuntu were changed to Ctrl+Shift(or Alt)+Key.
Just to know, I asked a friend that uses Debian w/ Gnome and mapped Win Key to open Applications menu (a second option on this way that I'm aware of - to see if Gnome had it) to try to map it to an action as a modifier. Same result.


Win key both a modifier and a regular key
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