[Bug 82335] Re: network-manager should not set offline mode when it manages no device

Amazing Iceman iceman at arenas.net
Fri Apr 13 19:52:23 UTC 2007

Thank you for the latest update. It seems to have helped this time to
some extent.

 I'm currently using a Static IP on eth0.
If  I switch to Roaming Mode on eth0, it will get it's DCHP configuration properly, there would be network connectivity, but only via the IP address; no more DNS resolution.
My system has 2 NICs. I'm not using eth1 (configured to use dhcp, but it's not connected to the network, so it gets assigned by the system).

If eth1 is connected and I disable Roaming Mode on eth0 (to use static
IP again), IP traffic tries to use eth1 (which got that bogus IP),
resulting in a Destination Host Unreachable error.

If I disable eth1, then IP routing works properly, but still, no more
DNS client resolution.

Courious to notice that even after disabling eth0 in network-admin, I can still ping my router, ifconfig still shows it as being in use. 
route -n   still shows a local route for eth0, but the default route switches to eth1.

The only way to get DNS Client resolution would be to reboot (unless
there's a service I could restart)

I would like to suggest that network-admin gets an APPLY button, instead
of just acting everytime an interface is checked or unchecked. There
should also be a way to select which interface should define the default

Also the network-manager applet should monitor all interfaces, including
those with static IPs, so it's able to report when physical Link is
lost, and also report configuration information for each interface. And
instead of Radio selection, it would be more consistent to use check
selection to enable/disable a connection.

Otherwise, its current random behavior is not appealing at all.

I'm still thankful for the help provided here.

network-manager should not set offline mode when it manages no device
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