[Bug 89640] Re: kde changes screen refresh rate of nvidia card

Jeffry Johnston ubuntu at kidsquid.com
Wed Apr 11 23:53:20 UTC 2007

Okay, after looking at displayconfig-restore.py, I'm convinced that I
haven't really found the source of the bug, just a place where the bug
is causing a mess up.  Inside this program, it is getting a list of
refresh rates, then picking the best one.  I overrode its preferred
choice of 57Hz and told it to use 85Hz.  This worked.  I have a few
thoughts on this:

* xrandr reported a max of 57Hz.  I looked at the source of this program and it is querying X to get its info
* kde-guidance (the package with displayconfig-restore) has a dependency on libxrandr2.  

Since xrandr is just querying the system, I don't think the bug is there
either.  In my opinion this is a bug with either the kernel or nvidia

kde changes screen refresh rate of nvidia card
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