[Bug 77557] Re: knetworkmanager fails to find network devices

NabLa copong at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 12:26:02 UTC 2007

Yesterday's update (2007-04-11) borked the whole thing again.
KNetworkManager says that it couldn't find any network devices (even
when they are present and working - I am just connected through
wireless). Please see screenshot (in spanish, sorry).

I don't know whether it is related or not, but when I start KNetworkManager from the command line, I get the following message:
** Message: another gnome-keyring-daemon is running

If I check processes, I get this:
luis at ordenata:~$ ps aux|grep -i gnome-keyring
luis      8753  0.0  0.0   2752   988 ?        S    09:00   0:00 gnome-keyring-daemon
luis     24549  0.0  0.0   2756  1016 pts/1    S    13:12   0:00 gnome-keyring-daemon

If I kill one of the processes, it doesn't complain anymore, but it
still won't show any network devices. It will create a new gnome-keyring
process so we have two processes again. If I kill both processes and
start KNetworkManager, it won't complain either, create a new gnome-
keyring process and again no network devices.

** Attachment added: "NoNetworkDevices.png"

knetworkmanager fails to find network devices
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