[Bug 13530] Re: nvidia-glx crashes/lockups

LKRaider paul at eipper.com.br
Sun Apr 8 23:28:39 UTC 2007

I have the same problem, using nvidia-glx-legacy on two of my computers,
both of which have a geforce 2 , one being a GTS Pro (Asus), the other
one is a MX 400.

Whenever I use the nvidia driver with Xorg, I get lockups.

Note that this ONLY HAPPENS on Xorg. If I use XGL, the system remains
perfectly stable. This is SURELY a Xorg bug/incompatibility with the
nvidia driver. I can confirm this on both of my systems.

** Attachment added: "Nvidia error code on a crashed system"

nvidia-glx crashes/lockups
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