[Bug 47455] Re: KDM detected memory corruption

Kevin Colyer kevin at ywambrussels.be
Fri Sep 29 08:56:17 UTC 2006

I have had this problem for some time:

I upgraded from Breezy to Dapper

KDE wouldn't work at all!

That turned out to be a problem with the Indic, Thai and other Asian
fonts that had been installed along the way in the upgrade. Removing
them caused KDM to behave itself.

I had the user face problem etc. Anyway I deleted the .face files and
that went away. The memory corruption report has remained.

Still the memory corruption lines kept appearing in the log. Eventually
I went to the Kcontrol panel and changed the KDM fonts from "Sans Serif"
to "Bitstream Vera Sans". Behold no more memory corruption problems!!!
Logs have been clear for a day.

I also had a terrible memory leak in X too. That seems to be gone.

My suggestion is that there is a certain intolerance in KDM towards some

Also other users work on my machine via LTSP. When they log off X
disappears and I am left looking at the left over bootsplash screen CTRL
+ ALT + F7 returns to normal but this is a pain.

KDM detected memory corruption

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