[Bug 39376] Re: Konqueror/Krusader doesn't hide backup files

manu manuellopezibanez at yahoo.es
Fri Sep 22 11:45:55 UTC 2006

I have updated the description for several reasons:

1) This has nothing to do with GNOME. 
2) There is a backup file type defined in KDE already.
3) I provide a testcase.

I hope you agree with the changes.

** Summary changed:

- Konq Doesn't Hide *~ files
+ Konqueror/Krusader doesn't hide backup files

** Description changed:

- GNOME programs often create backup files with the ~ extension.  For
- example, if I had a file called ToDo that I editted in gedit, a ToDo~
- would probably be created.  *~ files are hidden in nautilus and even in
- BASH.  Konqueror and the file open/save dialogs should respect ~ backup
- files and hide them.
+ An option to show/hide backup files similar to the option for showing
+ hidden files. There is already a file type "Backup file" defined in KDE
+ that includes "*~" and "*.bak" among other filename patterns.
- This will help Kubuntu incorporate more smoothly with Ubuntu.
+ Steps to reproduce
+ 1. Right-click on Desktop
+ 2. Create new text file (TODO)
+ 3. Save file
+ 4. There are two new files in the desktop (one is a backup file TODO~)

Konqueror/Krusader doesn't hide backup files

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