[Bug 50320] Re: Kubuntu's system settings app doesn't handle file associations

GreatBunzinni greatbunzinni at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 23:47:06 UTC 2006

I don't get it.

Every KDE-packing distro installs KDE Control Center, which handles a
lot of things well including file association. That option is there and
it is so well written that anyone can easily use it. Nonetheless, it
seem that kubuntu wishes to go the other way and use an app of it's own
named System Settings, which offers a lot less options than KDE control
center including the file association dialog.

So, when a bug report is sent pointing out the absence of such a vital
configuration option from the app which aims to be the tool to configure
KDE, what do we get? A rejection. Are you serious?

How things are done in windows is completely irrelevant. This is easily
done with KDE from the "KDE control center" app at least since 2001.
This is something which every KDE-wielding distribution since back then.
This is something that is only missing fom Kubuntu due to Kubuntu's own
decision of replacing KDE's config app with the "System settings" app,
which doesn't handle it.

This is exactly what this bug report is trying to point out. A vital
feature is missing from the "System settings" applicatin. That feature
is file association configuration. That feature is present in every KDE
release from the "KDE control center" application, which is also
available to kubuntu but not automatically installed.

So why was this bug report rejected?

Kubuntu's system settings app doesn't handle file associations

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