[Bug 69479] SRU: katapult

Martin Meredith ubuntu at sourceguru.net
Tue Oct 31 12:48:35 UTC 2006

As previously discussed on IRC, the current version of katapult in edgy
does not work correctly with amarok in edgy.

This was due to the fact that amarok updated the way that their file
database worked with respect to mountpoints.

A patch for this was included in the current edgy version, however, this
was an immature patch which had not been tested, and while it compiles,
it does not create the functionality intended.

I have created a patch for this fix, which I have tested under a
pbuilder that it compiles, and have also tested that the functionality
the patch gives works correctly.

I would like this to be approved for an SRU so that the functionality
that was available in dapper is also available in edgy.

Bug for SRU:

Bug: https://launchpad.net/products/katapult/+bug/60136

Debdiff to current package:

Kindest Regards,
Martin Meredith

SRU: katapult

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