[Bug 30207] Re: media:/ does not handle floppy mounting correctly

PJJ cbears at cbears.net
Tue Oct 31 04:05:20 UTC 2006

As of 10/30/2006 the problem still exists in Kubuntu 6.06 and in Kubuntu

The workaround suggested by Brian Fitzgerald and Alain R. did not work
for me.

In either case Kubuntu claims that the 'mount point /dev/fd0 does not

My workaround for Kubuntu 6.06 follows the latest suggestion by Alain

System Settings -> Disk & Filesystems ->Media/floppy0 ->Modify

on the pulldown menu I made certain that /media/floppy0
was listed as mount point.
Device: /dev/fd0
 Put a check mark into: "enable at startup".

(There was no check there and the device was shown as 'disabled'.)

Hit OK.

Message: Device not mounted (or something to that effect); should I
mount it?


Floppy gets mounted. It is now listed as 'enabled'. A click on the
desptop icon activates the floppy. Files are read and displayed.

So far, so good.

Will test whethe this also works in Edgy. Report back.

media:/ does not handle floppy mounting correctly

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