[Bug 66232] Re: High cpu load with newest KDE

John geearf at free.fr
Sun Oct 29 20:13:28 UTC 2006

Well, I have another comment (holidays are good for that) :

Just after that, I tried with my normal session and the problem came,
then in the KDE service manager I unchecked every service and rebooted.

With the next boot, I started to play with konqueror with no problem, I
added a few services and still nothing. I then added almost all services
with no problem, then I started kopete and still nothing. I started all
the services that were not started and fired Amarok (which gave me the
problem another day) and still nothing ...

I really don't understand a thing, is there any particular order between
starting services and using programs that cause this problem ?

High cpu load with newest KDE

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