[Bug 68013] Re: May Be A Bug In Konqueror Directory Access

ianrose ian at themagictree.co.uk
Fri Oct 27 09:23:40 UTC 2006

I can confirm this bug in the final edgy release - using konqueror as a
file browser is broken, as only "/home" and "/media" show when any user
navigates to "/", although by directly typing the paths in the address
bar allows you to navigate to the other directories. The file browser
should, by default, allow a user to browse to all files for which he has
the relevant permissions.

Presumably this is an attempt to "make things less confusing" to the
user, but has the opposite effect.

I would strongly suggest that the functionality of the ".hidden" files
should be disabled by default and left for administrators to enable
should they require.

May Be A Bug In Konqueror Directory Access

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