[Bug 64325] Re: Konqueror is slow when opening a directory

Christian Schuerer csw at xray.at
Mon Oct 23 21:44:14 UTC 2006

Something within the kernel must have changed crucial, so that other
applications show strange behaviour.

The only kernel which works best for me now (regarding this bug and bug#
39315) is the 2.6.15-kernel from dapper: 2.6.15-23-amd64-generic #1 SMP
PREEMPT Tue May 23 13:45:47 UTC 2006 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I've even compiled kernel 2.6.18 and 2.6.19rc2-mm2 myself (optimised for
Intel Core 2 Duo) - but the problems described in both bug reports
aren't solved with any of them.

Additionally, I have disabled the boot splash screen (it causes a lot of
problems regarding the keyboard issue) and I'm using the kernel option

I can't estimate whether this is an kernel- or an application-based (X
or KDE) bug. Neither do I know what has changed from the kernel side
from 2.6.15 to 2.6.17, so that this all happens.

Konqueror is slow when opening a directory

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