[Bug 66813] kcm_knetworkconfmodule adds hostname to line

Ernst Kloppenburg ernst.kloppenburg at gmx.de
Wed Oct 18 21:08:48 UTC 2006

Public bug reported:


I installed kubuntu from CD on PC. There is no dhcp-server in the net.
Therefore, after installation I use K->SystemSettings-> NetworkSettings
to set an IP for the network interface eth0.

Before I do this the first lines of /etc/hosts looks like localhost mychosenhostname

After using kcm_knetworkconfmodule the first line is changed to localhost mychosenhostname

This is very bad as it causes hplip to not work. The symptom is the
following error message at boot time: "hpiod: Rejected connection from"

In order to make hplip work properly I had to revert the change in the first line of /etc/hosts and add a line mychosenhostname

A very bad thing as the malfunction of hplip not only  
does not detect any printers, but any scanning application hangs indefinitely as it tries to contact hplip.

Solving this problem required a lot of system knowledge on my side, not
available to any ordinary user. So a severe quality problem.

Installation cds need to be fixed because when you upgrade to a fixed
knetworkconf later it is too late.

** Affects: kdeadmin (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Critical
         Status: Unconfirmed

kcm_knetworkconfmodule adds hostname to line

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