[Bug 22336] Re: laptop overheats when performing CPU intensive tasks.

DantePasquale DantePasquale at cocoanet.us
Tue Oct 17 03:12:48 UTC 2006

Hi All,  I just got a new used laptop and decided to try a distro other
than Fedora Core which I've been using for years(redhat).  I really like
ubuntu/debian more than FC.  I'm supposed to be using Solaris 10 x86,
but that's a longer story.  The problem is that the laptop keeps
overheating, just like all these others.  I have an HP Pavilian dv1000.
I can't get the fan to even turn on!  Luckily, I'm mainly using the
terminal for what I'm doing at work ( sunfire e25k VCS cluster), so if
it croaks, I'm really not out anything.  What gives?  I see hints all
over the place, but no solutions.  Is there a summary of this issue in
one place?  I've tried all the solutions listed here and on many other
sites to no avail.  btw, my /proc/acpi/fan directory is empty.  lm-
sensors doesn't find any sensors.  Am I out of luck with this laptop?

laptop overheats when performing CPU intensive tasks.

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