[Bug 22336] Re: laptop overheats when performing CPU intensive tasks.

Trae McCombs traemccombs at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 01:31:04 UTC 2006

Have you all simply given up on Ubuntu?  How are you coping with the effects
of this bug?  It has forced me to try just about every single distro out
there, and sadly, it affects most major distro's.  The only ones I've found
it doesn't affect are Mandriva 2007 and Gentoo 2006.1 Both of which I feel
are just not up to the level of experience I want that Ubuntu gives me.

The only reason I even REMOTELY considered switching to another distro was
because of this bug.  Now I'm stuck.  My laptop is broken, and I can't use
anything else.  And Edgy won't be fixed either it seems.  This means, it'll
be a whole nother 6 months I have to wait, and hope this bug is fixed.

I can't afford to buy another laptop.  I won't use windows.  My only option
is to try and  either use the busted Ubuntu, with the overheat issue (which
I've dealt with for 6 months -- at the peril of a lot of work being lost at
times), or go with Gentoo which is quite a painful thing for someone used to
the ease of Ubuntu.  (Even if you've used Linux full-time for 10 years like
I have)

What are you guys doing with relation to this bug?  Has everyone simply just
"dealt" with it, or have you switched distro's.


PS. I want my favorite distro back! [Ubuntu]

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laptop overheats when performing CPU intensive tasks.

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