[Bug 61188] Re: amarokcollectionscanner closed unexpectedly

Closer9 closer9 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 17:38:44 UTC 2006

There was an ubuntu update to amarok yesterday so I tried to build my
collection again. amarokcollectionscanner did NOT crash at all, but it
still took forever to get to 100% and it still never finished. I let it
sit at 100% for about an hour and during that time it would:

sit idle for 5 minutes
use 100% of my memory (1GB) and 100% of my CPU
stay that way for another 5 minutes
my memory would then clear back to 90% free
go back to idle for 5 minutes
repeat until i cancel it

Because nothing crashes this bug is perhaps fixed, but there is clearly
something else going on. If I can provide information to help fix this
please let me know.

amarokcollectionscanner closed unexpectedly

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