[Bug 65728] Konqueror: "16.777.216, 0 TB complete" when copying from smb share

yamal kubuntu at uhn-noc.net.ru
Thu Oct 12 19:23:44 UTC 2006

Public bug reported:

Binary package hint: konqueror

Used konqueror filemanager to copy two directories, containing one large
(dvd iso of 4,3 GB) and a small number of small files each, from a samba
share on the local lan to my home dir (reiserfs; encrypted partition via
dm_crypt/cryptsetup, for as far as that's relevant).

After some time (about 2 GB into the copying), the copy dialog switches
from the normal, correct information displayed so far to "16.777.216,0
TB of 16.777.216,0 TB complete" [*1]; despite what it says, the transfer
is far from complete at this time though so I just let it run.

Then, once it reached (about?) 4 GB it started counting from 0 again ("1 MB of 16.777.216,0 TB complete", 0% completed, with about half a century remaining...);
Next, after a few hundred MB into this new count (end of first 4,3GB file I suspect) it changes over to what seems to be the correct total of about 4,4 GB (Still with the total of 16.777.216,0 TB though). [*2]
Reaching about 6,0 GB at this newish total count, the total transferred was decreased by 4GB back to 2GB (Once again, total to be transferred stayed at 16.777.216,0 TB). [*3]

Transfer speed indication kept working normally through most of this (indicating correct speeds as verified via other monitoring apps), only showing strange values for a short time around the sudden changes as described above.
Obviously, the "time remaining" indication made no sense at all, not only quantitatively but also in the sense that even minor changes (<< 5%) in the transfer speed caused a large (> 50x) difference in remaining time estimate.

Files eventually were transferred correctly (!). But something is
obviously wrong; most users would probably have aborted the transfer
either assuming it was actually complete or thinking the resulting files
would be br0ken anyway.

[*n] = Screenshots:
[1] http://www.spunge.org/~yamal/bug-img/konqbug_1.png
[2] http://www.spunge.org/~yamal/bug-img/konqbug_2.png
[3] http://www.spunge.org/~yamal/bug-img/konqbug_3.png

Kubuntu 6.06 all updates, KDE/Konqueror 3.5.2

** Affects: kdebase (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: Unconfirmed

Konqueror: "16.777.216,0 TB complete" when copying from smb share

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