[Bug 64488] Re: UVFe ( main ) for konversation 1.0 to 1.0.1

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Wed Oct 11 18:30:38 UTC 2006

> To have a release schedule aligned with Kubuntu's would mean that feature
> development concluded on 7th September, and that only important bug fixes
> were being made at this time.

By "release schedule aligned with Kubuntu's" I was referring to the
Konversation 0.19 and 1.0 releases, which were successfully scheduled
and executed to happen in time for Kubuntu Breezy and Dapper,
respectively (see http://konversation.kde.org/wiki/Release_Schedule for
details), in conference with Kubuntu's Jonathan Riddell and Brandon
Holtsclaw. We are very happy both goals were met. We consider
Kubuntu/Ubuntu one of the premier distributions carrying our software.

Konversation 1.0.1 is a maintenance release for Konversation 1.0, which
is limited to refinements and bugfixes. Where new functionality was
introduced, such as in the media script or the new config file option
allowing to successfully use the Konversation OSD in Gnome and XFce,
they have no impact on i18n. The "Edit Network" dialog refinement
involves a redistribution of interface elements, and no string
additions. One of our goals for the 1.0.1 maintenance release was to be
mindful of changes that would prevent distributions - including Kubuntu
- from replacing 1.0 with 1.0.1, i.e. not do such changes. Considering
we explicitly highlight i18n improvements in the changelog, we obviously
care about the issue. As a result, Konversation is one of the
applications with the best translation coverage in the KDE Extragear
module, given the amount of strings.

Again, the timing for this maintenance release was worked out in
conference with Kubuntu. We were told that the UFVe was a formality of
the process and the word "guaranteed" was used.

The bottom line is this: I understand and respect that Ubuntu is wary of
putting in a new version of an application into the tree two weeks
before a release. It's because you care about stability and the
experience your users are going to have. So do we. And this release was
executed with that very much on mind.

UVFe ( main ) for konversation 1.0 to 1.0.1

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