[Bug 39707] Re: Cannot manage hidden SSID with WEP

JasonVenkiteswaran jjvenkit at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Oct 11 15:29:02 UTC 2006

to follow up from MHouse  at 2006-05-25 22:12:49 UTC

using a stock dapper (6.06) with all updates and network-manager
(0.6.2-0ubuntu7) i too continue to have a problem with hidden a ssid.

i can connect to the ssid via the cli:
sudo iwconfig eth1 essid xxx

but if i enter the ssid name into network-manager i am unable to connect
to that access point and get an ip.  also, the ssid does not remain in
the network-manager menu.

Cannot manage hidden SSID with WEP

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