[Bug 30207] Re: media:/ does not handle floppy mounting correctly

Alain R. alainr at gmx.de
Tue Oct 10 16:37:09 UTC 2006

Problem still exists on edgy, (kde 3.5.4) even with latest updates.
My /usr/share/hal directory contains:

hal-system-lcd-get-brightness           hal-system-lcd-set-brightness
hal-system-power-set-power-save         hal-system-power-shutdown
hal-system-power-suspend                hal-system-storage-cleanup-mountpoint
hal-system-storage-cleanup-mountpoints  hal-system-storage-eject
hal-system-storage-mount                hal-system-storage-unmount

If additional info is needed, I can provide it

media:/ does not handle floppy mounting correctly

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