[Bug 64838] Re: [Edgy beta] power manager isn't configurable

Alessandro Colaci alessandro.colaci at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 23:25:34 UTC 2006

What kind of infos do you want? I don't know what are the configuration
files of this applet since it's new. Just it doesn't work out of the
box, I can see a setting window when I click upon the applet with left
button, but all the options aren't choosable. I just upgrade kde-
guidance-powermanager yesterday and before it worked almost well.

Moreover, power manager doesn't distinguish if the AC is plugged or not,
but shows always a fully charged battery (AC within and without).

I can say for sure that powernowd, acpid, dbus, hald daemons are
running, or so they seem.

** Attachment added: "powemanager settings"

[Edgy beta] power manager isn't configurable

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