[Bug 15485] Re: kmail don't ask the phrase for decipher

Karsten König remur at gmx.net
Mon Oct 9 09:54:26 UTC 2006

This is still a problem

KMail doesn't ask for a passphrase when opening an encrypted mail and
just states "bad passphrase"

I fixed it with installing pinentry-qt, gnupg-agent and removing the #
in front of use-agent in the gpg.conf

I don't think that's an elegant solution for something as important as
email encryption, especially as the dependencys didn't really help.

I read somewhere an idea about a package for this, maybe something like

:requires -> pinentry-qt
:requires -> gnupg-agent
and modifying the gpg.conf ... 

And a better message then "Bad passphrase" would help people locating
the problem, took me some time to find a solution to this

kmail don't ask the phrase for decipher

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