[Bug 36306] Re: dapper: intel 945 runs 640x480

Pascal pascal at tipisoft.dk
Tue Oct 3 15:06:53 UTC 2006

I tried out Edgy beta and it still starts with 640x480. What is a strange is that in someway it does autodetect the settings.
When I go to the hardware display settings in systemsettings it says the following:
graphics card: i810
driver: i810
monitor: plug and play
But when I go into administrator mode (without changing anything) the monitor changes and it is detected correctly: SONY SDM-50 or something like that. Also if I press configure beside the driver information it is able to autodetect that the graphics card is Intel 945 it does however not change the driver.
I've been running this from the livecd and is not able to install it to the computer... and it's not possible to test the X settings as it seems it autodetects every time I log out or restart the x server.

** Changed in: xserver-xorg-video-i810 (Ubuntu)
       Status: Needs Info => Confirmed

dapper: intel 945 runs 640x480

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