[Bug 22667] Re: 2.6.12 and above create 100% CPU with xorg on iMac

Jan Stedehouder j.stedehouder at hccnet.nl
Sun Oct 1 06:37:26 UTC 2006

Just to add a note that I experienced the same problem last week on my
iMac Indigo (500 Mhz, 768 Mb RAM). I downloaded the most recent versions
of Ubuntu alternate and Xubuntu alternate (the regular ones would not
boot) and attempted to install them.

After installing it took a very long time for GDM to load and the screen
to be drawn. After login I could move the mouse freely, but after
clicking on a menu item the system froze. Only a hard reset was

Debian Sarge and Debian Sid don't have the same problem. Sarge is
running 2.6.8 kernel by default. I tried Yellowdog on the same box and
it didn't have this problem as well. It seems to be specific to Ubuntu.

The suggested DRI and FBDev options work fine both in Yellowdog and
Debian Sarge/Sid and did not have to be uncommented on my box.

2.6.12 and above create 100% CPU with xorg on iMac

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