[Bug 63176] Re: Can't connect to my Kubuntu laptop to my WPA enablednetwork.

TFrog stgparris at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 1 01:18:00 UTC 2006

Dear Ms., Mz., Miss, or Mrs. Hobbs,

The current version of knetworkmanager I'm running is 0.1-0ubuntu1.  Current 
version of knworkconf is 3.5.4-0ubuntu3.  I'm currently running Kubuntu Edgy 
Eft 6.10 with all the updates.  The repository version of ndiswrapper-utils 
didn't work when atempting to load the Windows drivers.  ndiswrapper -i 
reported no ndiswrapper from three different drivers.  After that I went to 
the ndiswrapper project page, downloaded 1.23 source code tarball from 
SourceForge and compiled.  From that point on my Broadcom BCM4318 was 
recognized by Kubuntu as being Enabled in System Settings/Network 
Connections.  It was at that point I installed the Edgy repository 
knetworkmanager.  It shows the networks in the neighborhood (as I live in an 
apartment complex with a lot of wireless networks).  However, when trying to 
connect to the one in my home which has WPA security enabled, it brings up 
the Connect to Wireless Network window for me to fill in the WPA Personal 
password.  After typing in my password, it goes to Configuring Device and 
sticks at 28%.  Never do I see KDE Wallet to save the passkey or ask me for 
a login to let knetworkmanager use the wallet for the passkey.

When using Dapper Drake, the first thing it would do no matter the settings 
in Security, it would pop up the wallet login before providing the password 
to knetworkmanager.  For some reason it fails to do this in Edgy Eft.  Also, 
this was a clean install from a freshly burned disc image bit torrented down 
to my desktop with ktorrent which is also running Edgy Eft Beta at the 
moment (installed from the same disc image).  Both installs were done late 
last night and early this morning.  Should you know who wrote the Xorg mouse 
driver for Eft, please thank him/her for me.  This is the first time I've 
had my Microsoft wireless mouse work without a total system hang every 30 
minutes.  Matter of fact, I have yet to have it hang the system.

I'm a very satisfied Ubuntu/Kubuntu user.  Almost six months ago I switched 
from Fedora Core.  I've not looked back yet.  If you are able to provide me 
with more help with this issue from the above prescribed symtoms I greatly 
appreciate it.  By the way, I may be new to Ubuntu/Kubuntu, but I'm a 
CompTIA A+ certified tech.  I am very good at spotting troubles and 
hopefully I provided you with a thorough enough accounting of the issue to 
help you resolve this.  I've seen another post on the Ubuntu forums saying 
ndiswrapper was currently broken, but I didn't go out immediately and 
compile the SourceForge project code till after trying the packages to 
verify what was heard.  I however need the ndiswrapper for the WPA security 
till either the Broadcom project completes its work or Linux in general 
adopts the Dreamscape driver model that I've been hearing about and 
following with great interest.

Terry L. Parris (IRC nick TFrog)

>From: Sarah Hobbs <hobbsee at ubuntu.com>
>Reply-To: Bug 63176 <63176 at bugs.launchpad.net>
>To: stgparris at hotmail.com
>Subject: [Bug 63176] Re: Can't connect to my Kubuntu laptop to my WPA 
>Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 14:17:06 -0000
>odd.  can you give us the output of:
>apt-cache policy knetworkmanager
>if it doesnt show:
>   Installed: 0.1-0ubuntu1
>   Candidate: 0.1-0ubuntu1
>please update, and try again.
>** Changed in: kubuntu-meta (Ubuntu)
>Sourcepackagename: kubuntu-meta => knetworkmanager
>Can't connect to my Kubuntu laptop to my WPA enabled network.

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Can't connect to my Kubuntu laptop to my WPA enabled network.

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