[Bug 35760] Re: Only 1 konsole session with transparency

kko ko69859 at uta.fi
Mon Nov 13 13:36:35 UTC 2006

You may be right in that it is only reproducible with non-US keyboard
settings. It would still be nice to have it fixed, as it only affects
what - hard to tell if it's a majority or a minority of Kubuntu users?
I'd guess at a majority, but I may be wrong. ;-)

FWIW, my X-keyboard layout is the following:
$ grep XkbLayout /etc/X11/xorg.conf
        Option          "XkbLayout"     "fi"

If you want to reproduce this, doing a standard install on a spare
machine in an other (possibly any other) language than those you have
tested will probably work. It gets more complicated if you actually need
to have a non-US keyboard... (I'd guess you don't, though, as you can
probably just select the option and then wonder at why some keys produce
different output than what's printed on the physical keyboard.)

It can of course be tough if you don't know these languages - I very
much doubt if I could do an install in Chinese either. ;-) It might be
easier to navigate your way through the install with the alternate
install CD for all I know, but, well, all I can say is do what works for

With a "properly" installed system, reproducing this should be easy.
Using the create tab icon in the bottom left corner of Konsole, as you
have used, should be enough to show the behaviour, and the same with

Only 1 konsole session with transparency

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