[Bug 31830] Re: Incorrect screen resolution in Dapper LiveCD

David Taylor me at davidandrewtaylor.co.uk
Sat Nov 11 21:12:54 UTC 2006

Many thanks Don, I have edited my Xorg.conf file to correct already (I
am from Debian way back when editing Xorg was a necessity).

It appears this fault may eventually be cured simply by the fact that
set up will be done by X in future if Sebastian Kuegler's blog post is
anything to go by:

"X will be able to do much more runtime configuration, to the point
where the developers think that the infamous xorg.conf can be abandoned
completely. That'd mean that we're basically doing all kind of
displayconfiguration at runtime"

Maybe Feisty will Squash this bug once and for all.

Incorrect screen resolution in Dapper LiveCD

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