[Bug 70264] Re: knetwalk does not have a .desktop file

hollywoodb hollywoodb at fastmail.fm
Fri Nov 10 06:50:58 UTC 2006

I followed this up with Riddel in #kubuntu-devel ... here's what info
was useful:

1) knetwalk is part of kdegames package
2) kdegames-3.5.5/knetwalk/src/ does NOT include a kdenetwalk.desktop file
3) kdenetwalk.desktop is referenced in SConscript and Makefile.in for knetwalk, but the file itself doesn't exist.

So this should potentially be passed to upstream, but for the time being
I wrote a kdenetwalk.desktop file (english-only) and attached.  The game
is more or less a 'puzzle' type game, but since there's no 'puzzle' type
group that I'm aware of the .desktop file places the menu entry in
"Tactics and Strategy" among the likes of KSokoban, Klickety, and

** Attachment added: "kdenetwalk.desktop"

knetwalk does not have a .desktop file

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