[Bug 67314] Re: [edgy] Can't show root (/) in gtk file chooser after update to edgy

angrykeyboarder geekboy at angrykeyboarder.com
Thu Nov 2 02:58:45 UTC 2006

Rocco Stanzione wrote:
>This is the designed-in behavior, not a bug, so I'm setting importance
>to wishlist.

I'm biting my tongue here, because to say this "feature" is confusing,
worthless and contradicts standards is an understatement. :-)

> Not rejecting it because I don't know a better way to
>track the response of users to this change than to track reported bugs.

THANK YOU!  Not all developers feel that way...

I've got a GNOME bug report to prove it. :-)   But I digress....

>It works in gtk apps too, presumably, because Gnome has supported this
>feature since long before KDE implemented it.

But it seems then that it's been an option that K(U)ubuntu wasn't
utilizing until Edgy.

And as has been pointed out, it's a result of the "kubuntu-default-
settings" package.  This "feature" wasn't in said package prior to Edgy,
so clearly it's  a decision made by the Kubuntu team (or Jonathan
Riddell, the package maintainer). It didn't come from KDE or GNOME.

[edgy] Can't show root (/) in gtk file chooser after update to edgy

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