[Bug 42086] Re: [Bug 42086] Re: gnupg-agent does not work with kmail in dapper

elias elias at asb-online.at
Mon May 8 20:01:34 UTC 2006

On Monday 08 May 2006 14:49, Alexandre Otto Strube wrote:
> So, you mean this is not a bug? Or is a missing dependency?

Well gnupg-agent depends on either pinentry-ncurses, pinentry-qt or 
pinentry-gtk. By default it only installs pinentry-ncurses which does not 
seem to work with kde. As soon as I installed pinentry-qt everything worked.

I don't know if gnupg-agent is supposed to work with kmail even when 
pinentry-ncurses is the only frontend installed. If so, then there is a bug 
in pinentry-ncurses. If I am supposed to install the qt variant in order to 
make the thing work, then it is not.


gnupg-agent does not work with kmail in dapper

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