[Bug 41997] Re: [Bug 41997] Re: kerry beagle search is incredibly slow

elias elias at asb-online.at
Wed May 3 13:45:12 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 03 May 2006 03:16, Anthony Mercatante wrote:
> Haven't been able to reproduce here.
> Kerry works like a charm for me.
> Didn't you post here while you where using kerry during the beagled first
> scanning process ? It is the only time I saw kerry running slowly, which is
> perfectly logic in that context.

no, there were no beagled processes running, when I had this experience. It is 
faster now by the way.

I suspect the following: I had some symbolic links in my home dir and I added 
the absolute patch to those places as well to what beageld should index. And 
I think to recall I had a link back from one of those places to my home dir 
as well, which might have introduced a loop and a huge index as well. I 
suspect there are no precautions in either beageld or kerry against that.

Another thing that drives me cracy is the fact that it is matching "elias at asb" 
when I am searching for "elias_asb"!!! Therefore when I am searching for 
elias_asb which was mentioned like this just in one single file, I get 
presented all my email to elias at asb-online.at!


kerry beagle search is incredibly slow

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