[Bug 36256] gtk2-engines-gtk-qt causes GNOME-panel to crash upon startup

Martin Jürgens martin at gamesplace.info
Tue Mar 28 17:34:24 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

I do not think that the bug mentioned in #3983 on Freedesktop Bugzilla is related to this problem because the patch attached there is included in Kubuntu since Breezy.

I am currently downloading Kubuntu Dapper and I will look if the problem still exists there.

This problem is also VERY important and is a major issue which makes it nearly impossible to switch between Gnome and KDE sometimes:
> if you just install the engine on a
> normal ubuntu you get a QT item in your theme selector. switching > to is works
> fine with the recent package in dapper, but switching back mkes     > your complete
> desktop crash, kills the gnome-settings-daemon and renders the     > desktop nearly unusable.

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